Animal Program

Animaly is a nature program designed especially for children. This exciting, innovative program educates children in a fun and adventurous way. Nature is brought right to your school, combining wildlife with everyday life!

This enrichment program is annual and geared towards children 1 thru 6 and to anyone who is interested in nature.

During our weekly program, we will take the children on a journey into the magical, fascinating world of animals. The children will meet and learn about various animals through exciting activities such as show and tell, hands on petting, songs, story telling, games, pictures, jamboree activities and finally, through take home activities such as coloring pages.

The program will combine animals with national and Jewish holidays.


The Lesson

The Circle of Life for each animal is brought to life through specialized activities using above mentioned techniques, as well as costumes and other appropriate items.

The Body — the anatomical structure, the parts of the body, coat and central nervous system.

General Facts — habitat, food, breeding, camouflage, defense mechanisms

Goals of the program:

  • To foster curiosity, imagination and the ability to observe nature in progress from a close up point of view.
  • To develop the ability of touching, feeling and seeing the animal in real life.
  • To minimize fear of animal contact.
  • To minimize animal violence among kids and teenagers.

The children will learn how to love, nature and the land within a very industrial world, how to protect nature and animals in the environment.

Natural activities are an educational experience that approaches all senses. Nature you need to taste, feel, and hear!!!

An unforgettable and fascinating adventure for children!!!

  • All Animals Are Licensed & Given Veterinary Care
  • Under Supervision of L.A. Animal Control Dept
  • Fully Insured

Animaly will take the children on a live journey
into the magical, mysterious world of animals.